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Telomere Length Measurement by metaphase Q-FISH technology

LifePLus offers the most accurate and precise technology since is the only that can measure only the telomere ends of each chromosome avoiding the false measurement of the interstitial telomere regions the chromosomes.

Our technology is the only that:
  • Allow the recognition of telomere-free ends which are leading to chromosomal instability and are linked with age-related diseases
  • Measure each telomere end in each chromosome in each cell
  • Provide information about variation in the length of telomeres between different chromosomes

The analysis provides:

Average Telomere Length

Median Telomere Length

Median of short telomeres

Percentage of critically short telomeres

Percentage of critically long telomeres

Biological age

The rate of telomere shortening

Telomere Length Measurement by Q-PCR technology

The analysis is suitable for isolated DNA samples

Provides an average of telomere length

Is suitable for research population studies since it indicates the trend of telomere length in a sample

Telomerase Activity Estimation

In order for the cells to sustain the integrity of DNA during each replication, a specialised enzyme called telomerase sustains the edges of DNA strands in each chromosome delaying the overall process of DNA loss. 

Telomerase has been a target for therapeutic interventions for several decades, as its regulation is associated with numerous diseases.

Environmental and lifestyle factors seem to contribute to telomerases activity.

Reduced telomerase activity may explain why telomeres shorten faster in pathological conditions. More precisely, telomerase overexpression is related to cancer development, whereas telomerase inhibition is combined with age-related diseases.

Hence telomerase activity can be a useful real life risk simulation biomarker.

Learn the expression levels of telomerase enzyme

Learn if a substance activates or inhibits telomerase expression in cell or tissue samples
using LifePlus’s technology and get a full report with statistical analysis.

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